Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Are you full? Of me?

It’s so amazing how relationships change…or how they evolve. How they go from being everything to us, to being nothing, a distant memory, an occasional phone call, a random forwarded email or text message. How do two people go from talking every day, almost every hour, to hardly remembering one another.
How do we carelessly discard those that meant so much to us just a few months back. How do I make the biggest decisions without so much as informing you?
How do two people go from being inseparable to forgetting about each other’s existence? Does love die? Do feelings change? Do we get bored? Do we have our fill...of curiosity, of sex, of long conversations, of wanting to know more about another.
What happened to all of that, I ask myself. I search for the answer and find it. Life happened. People move on, things change, feelings change. And just like little children, we lose interest. We move ahead, towards greener pastures and bluer skies, funnier jokes and easier conversation. We go towards new horizons and stand at new thresholds…

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Broken promises, unsworn swears

I swore to myself that I would never fall in love with you. I knew the day we met, on that warm summer morning, that you would be in my life forever.
There was an air of arrogance around you. But I got a strange sense of comfort from knowing that I could decipher your actions. You felt naïve. You felt fresh. Worn out, but untouched.
It took me two days of talking to you for endless hours, to figure out, that I was going to go back on my promise. 
You didn’t steal anything from me. You were a breath of fresh air. You were closure for me. You were peace.
You talked to me with a calmness I’d never heard. With ease and confidence.
You opened my life to a world I never knew existed. Showed me things I never saw and said things to me I didn’t expect anyone to think.
I believe there is much more to what we share. Even though we might be random acquaintances on some days.