Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The year that was

It was a year of leavings and new beginnings, of wantings. A year of yearning. It was a year of fun. There was food and travel and sunsets without sunrises. It was a good year, full of laughter and warmth. It was the year I realized I need to grow up and that some people never do. 
It taught me to keep things simple and be easy-going, to not hold everyone up to a standard I myself cannot meet. I learnt a little more about men and a lot more about women. I learnt the beautiful art of initiative. I learnt how to be a friend. Regained lost friendships. I trusted. I went to the southern hemisphere of the earth and learnt what it felt like to truly pleasure another's soul. I let go of a 2 year old bad habit, after 6 months of hanging on. I hurt a man who hurt me and realized it's better to be hurt than to hurt. I fell in love with a child like never before.  
I lost touch with the most important part of me. I lost my centre. I mixed with loud and aggressive people. I complained. I didn't want to be alone, didn't want to miss out.
It was a great year, though. It was full, if nothing else, and blessed because of how fast it went by.