Sunday, April 23, 2006

There are times in our lives when we all want to become the ideal...for someone else, or something. At least I believe that there is such a thing or phenomenon...
There is a girl I know, shall we call her D...D has in her mind, this conception that her own self possesses deep and latent wickedness. Perhaps there is some of that...way deep. But none that meets the human eye, or ear, or touch even... She is all that every good girl wants to be. Proud-parent-maker she is. Beautiful...with curls that roll down her back, eyes that fill with concern at the sight of a helpless ant, fingers that make glorious music and a demeanor that makes her what she is....explicit.
Gawd how I hate loving this girl I know!! I just hate how I completely adore her... She's so young and so untouched. I want the world for her and yet, I know that blemishes will come her way, hurdles that may cause her to stumble...ones that might leave scars.
Grr...what will happen to me if I ever have a daughter of my own!!!!!

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