Friday, June 09, 2006

life seldom measures up to our expectations.
i'm only beginning to realise this...
i dont want things to follow my directions all the time
just the grace to be able to tolerate losing out on certain things.
to see the one you love, love someone else
to watch your efforts wasted sometimes
grace to give up what means so much, just because...
to make choices between the ones you love and the one you love
to love one more than another
to not love for the wrong reasons..
to not hate meddling people, to not hate unaccepting people
to touch your own heart and know you're wrong
grace to accept it, to admit it
to grow out of a childhood that never was
to not live going from depending on one person, to another, to another...
being trapped..and to feel like nothing nothing nothing at all, is going your way
to hear repeatedly how wrong you are, how stubborn, how un-understanding..
to know that you are in fact, sometimes, right..
and to accept not being able to fight for it.
to not break down at the thought of using words that dont come naturally.
to meet the 'stepford wife' stereotype when its expected
grace to be able to explain that it is not the lack of love, or understanding
that makes us do the things we do

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