Friday, August 25, 2006

He looks at her with those half open eyes and tells her that he hopes they'll "make it". She tells him the same. He smiles and pulls back her sleeves and says, "I've never seen your arms". Hasn't he? No, maybe not. So she lets him. Her skin, burnt by the sun, turns to gooseflesh as those sleeves are rolled up to her elbows. And then a kiss, a single kiss on her wrist. And thus began her journey with this person who seemed perfect in every way.
Dear you,
Wasn't there time for us to think? There was, there was so much time. Then why, I wonder, did we hurry? Why didn't we wait until we got to dance together? Why didn't we even watch the sunset together...just once? Why did we smile every timewe goofed up? Why did we ignore the insanity of it all? Didn't it ever matter to you that this was so impossible?

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