Sunday, November 26, 2006

Have you ever….
· Felt that rush on some mornings where life presents itself with a song saying “its getting better all the time”
· Known just what to say, when to say it and how to say it..
· Felt a strange sense of emptiness that no one can fill and crying seems inevitable
· Been uncontrollably angry at someone you love, without them being at fault at all
· Wanted to take that child by the wayside in your arms and dance :-)
· Seen rain clouds in the sky and thanked God for small mercies(like an excuse to bunk college;))
· Cried tears of joy seeing what God has done for you and me
· Wanted to do all the forbidden things, all at once, without thinking twice
· Let someone take you for a ride over and over again
· Touched the inside of someone else’s being with your very hands
· Felt needed, truly needed
· Known truly, the difference between being loved for you and not for what you can do
· Run faster than you ever knew you could
· Jumped higher than you thought you could…
· Laughed harder
· Sung more beautifully
· Talked more wisely
· Looked more radiant
· Smelt more like a dream…and worn no perfume:)

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Anonymous said...

typically Zannah post! Now keep 'em coming! :D