Friday, December 08, 2006

Remember the days…
Of summer dresses and strappy sandals…
Of fair skinned boys and spiked hair
Of crisp white shirts
Of rain beating on the roof
Of thunder storms and lightening
Of kittens and vast lakes
Remember the days…
Of sun dried tomatoes
And spring time leechis
Of beautiful mountains and waterless river beds
Remember the moments…
That made our history
A curly haired girl and a brown eyed boy
Of caramel kisses
Of lime trees and tree houses
Of cold, misty mornings
And warm beds
The beep of an alarm clock
And the chhun-chhun of payals
Remember the nights…
Spent out till the forming of the morning dew
Of star gazing and wish making
Of tears and tantrums..
Of hot black tea and cold clear soda
Remember innocence
Remember silence…
Remember truth
Remember yielding
Remember pleading
Remember the ice
Remember the fire
Remember you
Remember I…


Mayhem & Marmalade said...

Ermm... pretty deep stuff!! libran all the way eh!! :) nice..ill drop by every now n then!

Mayhem & Marmalade said...

oh n by de..dis be munniswamys fan :)