Friday, April 27, 2007

I remeber so clearly the days when I would write about every single thing I did! I met so many interesting people through my blog. *sighhh*
Things have changed so much. Life has gone from being easy and simple to being easier and simpler :), from being happy to being happier. From feeling content to feeling as if there is sooooo much to look forward to.
i dont believe that life is dificult. i have enjoyed most aspects of my life so far and i can hardly wait for to see what's next. im sure you feel somewhat the same, at least i hope so. i dont like people who complain about things being so unfair etc...people who go "why me" are people i feel like smacking in the face. i do tend to think too much and over-analyse things a bit more than other people though...
i guess i've had my moments...lots of them.. when i've hated things that have happened...where i've thought that it couldnt get any worse. but havent we all?
people who give a lot of importance to appearances, money or materialism annoy me. and maybe, thats why i like you... from what i know of you, i dont think you are materialistic.
if there is one thing all my close friends have in common, it's that they're kind people. i dont have many close friends, i always choose to confide in the person im "seeing" and those friendships dont last once the "seeing" is over. i dont believe people can be "just friends" with an ex who they have truly loved.
i like that you are mature. i like knowing that you're probably better than your peers. i like that you and i are so similar in so many ways. i like that you understand things most others dont. i like that you can see through me. i like that you're funny.

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AmitL said...

Hi,Zannah..let me ask'Kaun hai woh?':)Cheers...glad to see u happy.:)Yes,life is not's how easy or how difficult your thoughts make it,that makes all the difference.