Saturday, January 13, 2007

Blessings all mine........:):)

-Beautiful poetry…written by regular people, amateurs :)
-Getting head massages …
-Playing with someone’s hair and watching calmness overcome their face:))…
-Long emails or letters from a dear friend…especially a funny friend
-The sense of peace that overcomes me before I drift off to sleep...
-Watching someone I love getting dressed for an evening out.
-The warmth of family on a cold winter(or hot summer) day:)
-Having a baby fall asleep on my shoulder…
-A child I don’t know, smiling at me…

-Being called 'babe' by the two nicest people in the whole wide world :)
-Cuddling with a willing kitten or puppy or cat or dog…:D a few licks here n there don’t hurt either!:D
-Seeing that familiar 5-digit number that calls me late at night :):) -Waking up in strange manic good moods with bursts of energy…yes, I’m a morning-person to the core!
-Knowing silly stuff like “goodbye” came from “god bye”, which came from “god be with you”
-Swimming at sunset or sunrise…:)
-The feeling of wanting to embrace the future with open arms…

-Plans with him :)
-Blessed Assurance!

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