Sunday, January 14, 2007

With time I have not lost hope, my spirit, my ecstasy…
I have not changed my plans, my dreams and my aspirations.
With time I have not left stones unturned, or feelings unfelt.
I haven’t banished my deepest desires for the fear that they may be frowned upon.
With time I haven’t let vain inhibitions stop me from dancing, or jumping with joy.
I have stood my ground and have changed not my convictions.
With time I have grown into a woman perhaps, willing to do what it takes to get what she wants; willing to want only what is right, true and pure.
I have learnt that age does not bring with it maturity.
And religious faith does not bring righteousness.
Honesty does not come from being in situations where your lies will be found out.
Finding true purpose in life has nothing to do with trying to portray oneself in a particular way.
Happiness is not something to wait for..
Happiness is happiness… everyone finds it within themselves.
It is, in all probability, fleeting,
But true joy is ever present.
True joy is mine, and it is yours…
For the taking…

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